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Trope 5ives

trope cover

Trope have released our new mini-album under the Jazz:Refreshed 5ives theme! Check it out here.


The story goes…
After a tipoff from a friend, we listened to an EP ‘Butterflies & Dragons’ from a band called TROPE – and we were blown away!
“We HAVE to get them at jazz re:freshed” we said…

The VERY NEXT DAY… bass player, Nick Jurd, randomly sent us a message asking if the band he plays with (TROPE) could play at jazz re:freshed…
It was meant to be…

..and we are proud to release their 5ive

Drawn together from across the British Isles on a journey from London – Birmingham – Glasgow TROPE’s musical influences stretch much further afield and pull together a heady mix of jazz, soul, electronic dance music and Hip Hop that highlights their talent for sophisticated writing with complex melodies and harmonies.

For their 5ive, TROPE has delivered rich vocal led contemporary music that oozes quality and we are sure you will love it.

New Releases!

A few CDs I’ve played on have all come out in the last month or so. Have a listen! Theres Soweto Kinch’s Nonagram, Alam Nathoo’s Fours, Jonathan Silk’s Fragment (for big band AND strings!). There’s a CD with Hansu Tori on the way, and another EP to come from Trope too! (click on the cover to go to the relevant site)

nonagram alam-foursa4042498505_16