FORJ is a relatively new group led by Jonathan Silk on drums , with me on bass, and Josh Arcoleo and Joe Wright on tenors. It’s brilliant and I’m really chuffed with playing with them.

Here’s FORJ’s first release ‘Skirfare’. We recorded this up in the Dales in Jan 2020 in a lovely little village by a hill and a pub (important parts of any recording session). The idea is that you can go to the site and build your own album from the many versions and permutations of everything we recorded. There’s nothing we recorded that you can’t hear, no editing, no ‘that solo isn’t good enough to go out’ type stuff – everything was recorded in long sets rather than tune by tune, then cut up so you can put different sets together in any order – so it’s quite exciting to release. Hopefully it reflects the spirit of a proper live gig somehow.

You can download as many versions as you’d like and pay as much as you’d like to at the end of the process. Hope that all makes sense! Enjoy the awesome artwork by Dave Stanley too!

Please do support by downloading a copy and sharing it with your mates!